Club Etiquette

Our club rules and etiquette ensure consistency of standards for all members, guests and visitors to Woburn Golf Club.

Handicap Requirements

All players must be members of a golf club. The maximum handicap limit is 24 for men and 36 for ladies. Handicap certificates should be available for presentation if requested.

Dress Code

Members, Guests and Visitors are requested to adhere to the following dress code rules.  We ask for support in ensuring these rules are adhered to.  

  • No blue denim or ripped jeans, only smart trousers or coloured jeans allowed.
  • No hoodies can be worn in the clubhouse or on the golf courses.
  • No hats can be worn within the clubhouse.
  • No t-shirts can be worn within the clubhouse or on the golf courses.
  • Trainers and golf shoes are allowed within all areas of the clubhouse, however when formally dining in our functions rooms alternative dress footwear is required.
  • Only appropriate golf footwear is allowed when using our practice facilities or playing the golf courses.
  • Only tailored shorts above the knee are permitted within the clubhouse or on the golf courses. 

Mobile phones, message devices and laptops

  • All devices must be on silent in all areas at all times.
  • Mobiles may be used for data transmission only (emailing, texting and internet) but no voice use.
  • Laptops and other computers may be operated in the Masters Lounge, Poulter Room, Boardroom and Study areas only.
  • No mobile phones on the courses, except in an emergency.

Phone calls may be made within the locker rooms, car park and warm up area.

The management team has discretion within these rules where a visitor is dropping someone off at the clubhouse. No mobile phones on the courses, except in an emergency.

Pace of Play (and how to speed up)

A good pace of play is an important element in having a good experience at the golf course. It's often a combination of little things not done that contribute to slow play and on-course traffic jams.

Here are some tips for making sure your pace of play is as brisk as it should be.

  • Pace of play isn't about rushing your shots, it's about being ready to take your shot when it's your turn, and behaving efficiently on the golf course.
  • Remember - arrive at your starting tee at least 10 minutes before your allotted tee time.
  • Listen to the Course Marshals and act on the important information they give you to assist your round of golf.
  • Numerous practice swings, lengthy delays lining-up putts and the pacing out of distances prior to club selection are not sensible practices for average golfers.
  • Leave your bags or golf buggies to the side of the green, and in the direction of the next tee, never in front of the green.
  • Be aware of golfers both in front and behind you, speed up when required and don't hinder other golfers playing quicker than you.
  • Be prepared and be ready to play!