Aimpoint Green Reading

Woburn Golf Club has joined forces with AimPoint to assist members and visitors alike with their green reading and putting skills.

AimPoint Technologies focuses on the science of predictive putt technology, green reading instruction, and player performance analysis, with the goal of improving golf performance and educating golfers in a quick and efficient manner.

AimPoint founder, Mark Sweeney, was named one of golf's Top Innovators by Golf Digest Magazine, and was called 'the best kept secret in golf' by the Golf Channel. He teaches a new highly effective green-reading method to the world's top professionals, amateurs, and junior golfers. 

Jamie Donaldson is a Level 3 AimPoint instructor based in Cambridge in the UK. He is available to book for putting coaching sessions at Woburn Golf Club to assist in improving your green reading and putting skills. 

To book a session with Jamie, email him directly at

For further information on AimPoint, visit their website at