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The values shared by all our employees across the Woburn and London Estates are as follows:


Continuing to create the history of Woburn and be part of the history and future for the community, whilst promoting and safe guarding the values of Woburn as an important national heritage landmark, ensuring we celebrate achievements.


The highest level of consistent performance in everything that we do is the Woburn standard. We measure ourselves against our key competitors and consistently strive to excel.


We must consider and fulfil our wider social responsibilities to our people and the Woburn business communities in which we operate. We treat all others as we would like to be treated and work in an open and tolerant way without any prejudice.


Taking the lead to create, invent new processes, concepts, technologies and standards to continually improve and pioneer in the external and internal environments of the businesses.


Integrity is paramount at Woburn. Our business activities and individual behaviours must be conducted with integrity at all times and in all relationships.

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