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The G4D Returns to Woburn

Following the success of the inaugural G4D Open which was absolutely inspirational, we are thrilled it will be returning to Woburn in 2024 when it will again be played on the Duchess Course, from Wednesday 15th – Friday 17th May.

The championship, held in partnership between The R&A and the DP World Tour and supported by EDGA (formerly the European Disabled Golf Association), was one of the most inclusive ever staged, featuring nine sport classes across multiple impairment groups, with players represented from 17 countries. A field of 80 male and female amateur and professional golfers will compete over 54 holes of stroke play gross competition at Woburn across sport classes which cover categories in Standing, Intellectual, Visual and Sitting.

Every golfer has a story of the putt they holed, and of the drive that was long and straight. Not every golfer, however, has a backstory that grabs one’s attention. EDGA has pulled together a library of player stories that inform and inspire below is a brief look into some of their stories.

EDGA Player Profiles 
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Philip Meadows

Sport class: Sitting 2

From: England

Age: 53

Home club: The Cambridgeshire Golf Club

Golf h’cap: 27.10

World Ranked: 58 (Stableford)


Phil is looking to build on his first G4D Open at Woburn last year. He knows he must work with discipline to maintain his skillset from a powered chair to improve shot by shot. It is a test of physical upper body strength, technique and rhythm, Phil says, but also precision, and then the endurance and concentration needed in any 18-hole day. “It’s about pushing yourself to see where you can drive the golf ball to next. I just love the game.”

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Erika Malmberg

Sport class: Intellectual 2

From: Sweden

Age: 39

Home club: Karlstad Golfklubb

Golf h’cap: 14

World Ranked: 271 (Gross)

Erika was given the honour of taking the opening tee shot in the first G4D Open at Woburn last year. This bright and articulate Swedish golfer was also one of the keynote speakers at The R&A’s Symposium on Golf for the Disabled held at the venue in front of delegates from 15 countries. Erika described to her audience the challenges of facing autism and attention deficit disorder and the demands and rewards of playing competitive golf as she hopes to inspire others to enjoy the game.

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Barry McCluskey

Sport class: Visual 2

From: Scotland

Age: 41

Home club: Bothwell Castle Golf Club

Golf h’cap: 15

World Ranked 1 (Net) in Visually Impaired and 16 (Gross)

Barry performed well at Woburn last year in changing weather conditions. His love of golf helped him when losing the sight in his left eye (2000) and then the right in 2017 through a rare genetic condition. Barry’s Dad George was a professional footballer in Scotland and he inherited this competitive streak, saying: “I prove people wrong: having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t play. I’m trying to inspire the next generation of visually impaired to take up the game.” 

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Terry Kirby

Sport class: Sitting 1

From: England

Age: 68

Home club: Ganstead Park GC

Golf h’cap: 30.5

World Ranked 36 (Stableford) in Seated players

There was no-one more delighted to win his Sport class (Sitting 1) at last year’s G4D Open at Woburn than Yorkshireman Terry. He clearly relishes a good competition but he also loves everything about the game, adding: “I play golf to socialise and it keeps me sane. It gives me all the reasons I need to get up in the morning. I was the first wheelchair golfer ever to captain an able-bodied golf club.”

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Felix Norrman

Sport class: Intellectual 1

From: Sweden

Age: 26

Home club: Arboga Golf Klubb

Golf h’cap: +0.8

World Ranked 31 (Gross) (at time of writing)

Felix enjoyed victory in his Sport class (Intellectual 1) at The G4D Open at Woburn last year. This achievement followed his playing in the 2021 EDGA Dubai Finale with the DP World Tour, and he was proud to play in the G4D Tour Skafto Open in his home country in 2022. Felix can play in all conditions and in strong player fields: his runner-up place in the inaugural US Adaptive Open (2022) underlined his golfing pedigree.

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Kim Moore

Sport class: Standing 3

From: USA

Age: 43

Home club: The Moors Golf Club

Golf h’cap: Professional

3rd in Women’s World Ranking (Gross)

Kim won the inaugural G4D Open women’s category at Woburn in fine style in 2023, after victory in the US Adaptive Open in 2022. Add to that her first appearance made in the G4D Tour Scandinavian Mixed last June, and her record speaks for itself. Kim says: “I started because I've always been an athlete at heart. I play because it's the sport I love. It is my life…”

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Aimi Bullock

Sport class: Standing 1

From: England

Age: 50

Home club: Sunningdale Heath Golf Club

Golf h’cap: 8.00 (at time of writing)

10th in Women’s World Ranking (Gross)

Competitive highlights include playing in the G4D Tour Skafto Open with the Ladies European Tour; playing for England, and competing in the Rose Series. Aimi is the EDGA volunteer Director of Women’s Golf – working hard to welcome more women and girls with disability into the game.

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Juan Postigo Arce

Sport class: Standing 2

From: Spain

Age: 28

Home club: Real golf de Pedreña

Golf h’cap: Professional

World Ranked (Gross): 4

Juan won twice on the G4D Tour in 2023, in Abu Dhabi and Sweden, and came third in the inaugural G4D Open at Woburn. A winner of the EGA’s European Championship for Golfers with Disability three times in succession, Juan says: “Golf and life are quite similar. Accept yourself as you are… I have never had any issue with feeling or being different.”

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